Meeting the High Demands of Our Various Clients


Sqft facility to service various client demands


Highly skilled workers


Years of experience, serving since 1975

Located Adjacent to CSX Mainline in Central Florida

Our complete railcar service facilities are strategically located on 66 acres on the outskirts of Mulberry, Florida at the apex of the CSX Railroad main lines.

1200 Prairie Mine Rd.

Mulberry, FL 33860

Get to Know Us

Since 1975, Mulberry Railcar has been offering exceptional quality in railcar cleaning, railcar repair, railcar painting, and stenciling. We are an AAR-certified shop with a team comprised of committed management, hospitable salesforce, certified inspectors, quality car mechanics, efficient switching crews, certified welders, and knowledgeable blasters and painters.

Location: With our strategic and convenient locations in Mulberry, Florida, most cars moving in Florida’s aggregate, phosphate, sugar, and citrus industries come right by our facilities. Our facility neighbors and adjoins CSX’s main yard in Mulberry. Mulberry is conveniently located to many of the facilities and industries in the area that rely heavily on rail service. With over 12,000 feet of track in our yards, we are able to meet the high demands of our various clients. We have ample covered track space in our repair shop and paint and blast areas, giving us the ability to avoid downtime due to varying weather conditions.

Mulberry Railcar has a dedicated focus on safety, quality, timeliness, and customer satisfaction. We are committed to building and maintaining strong relationships with our employees, clients, and community. We are also committed to efficiency, including many capital and technology upgrades, as well as supplementing the existing workforce as demands increase.

If your cars need work in Florida, it just makes good sense to send them to Mulberry Railcar, where you are guaranteed to have your car work done "safe, right, and on time." Mulberry Railcar is committed to teaming with our clients to provide the best railcar solutions possible and building relationships that will strengthen our company as well as our industry.

AAR Certified Quality Assurance

Committed Management

Hospitable Salesforce

Certified Inspectors

Quality Car Mechanics

Quality Blasters & Painters

Switching & Staging Crews

Stenciling & Certified Welders

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Mulberry Railcar is dedicated to partnering with our clients to deliver the best railcar solutions and build strong relationships that benefit both your company and the industry.