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Railcar Cleaning

Mulberry Railcar understands the importance of having a railcar cleaned. Railcars should be cleaned between commodities to avoid unnecessary buildup and repetitive freight revenue loss. Cleaning is essential before any internal repairs can be identified and performed. Our cleaners have decades of combined experience, and we offer competitive rates.

Railcar Repairs

Mulberry Railcar is an M-1003 AAR-certified shop with a stellar Quality Assurance Program. We understand that our customers need their cars in service as soon as possible because a moving car is producing revenue. Safety and efficiency are key components of our repair shop. We are audited yearly by the Association of American Railroads and continually surpass the expectations set by the AAR. When your cars enter our yard, they will be serviced by personnel who are "doing it safe, doing it right, and doing it on time."

Railcar Coatings

Mulberry Railcar’s 12,000-square-foot sandblast and painting facilities include an enclosed blast booth, an enclosed paint booth, and a staging, lining, and curing area. We have seasoned sandblasters and painters who understand paint specifications and client requirements.

Railcar Inspections

At Mulberry Railcar, our Railcar Condition Assessment service is designed to provide comprehensive evaluations for companies purchasing or entering/exiting lease agreements for railcars. During the assessment, we meticulously inspect every part of the railcars, including wheels, bolsters, running gear, safety gear, hatches, gates, and more. Our experienced team ensures that no detail is overlooked, offering a thorough evaluation of the railcar's overall condition. Trust Mulberry Railcar to deliver accurate and reliable assessments, helping you make informed decisions about your railcar investments. We come to you for added convenience.


Mobile Railcar Services

If your car is immobilized, that does not stop Mulberry Railcar from meeting our customer’s needs. If your car can’t come to us, we will go to your car. Our service fleet is fully equipped with welders, compressors, and other specialized tools / equipment.

How it works

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Contact Us

Reach out to our team via phone, email, or our online contact form. Provide us with details about your railcar service needs. Our representatives will promptly get in touch to discuss your requirements.

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Inbound Inspection

When your car arrives our experts will conduct a thorough assessment of your railcar's condition. We will provide you with a detailed estimate and service recommendations.

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Work Initiated

Once the estimate is approved, we will begin the necessary repairs and maintenance. Our skilled technicians will work efficiently to ensure timely completion. You will be kept informed of progress until your railcar is ready for service.

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Mulberry Railcar is dedicated to partnering with our clients to deliver the best railcar solutions and build strong relationships that benefit both your company and the industry.